Design a stock option plan with benchmarks for every role

Stock options are critical for hiring and retaining the best talent. But to create an effective plan, entrepreneurs need to know how much to award to each team member, and how much this could be worth to them. OptionPlan is based on the largest ever set of benchmark data, and can be easily tailored to your needs.

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I'm Dominic Jacquesson, Director of Talent at Index Ventures, and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on OptionPlan. We are constantly asked by entrepreneurs for advice on stock option grants, so decided to put something special out there to benefit the entire tech ecosystem. If you have, or are about to, raise your Series A, OptionPlan will help you to design a customised option plan in just a few minutes. Covers every role in your team Six different levels of allocation benchmarks Potential $ upside for each team member - including tax Covers the US, plus major European countries The benchmark data used in OptionPlan is based on an analysis of over 100 cap tables from the Index portfolio and 4,000 individual option grants. It also integrates US benchmark data from Option Impact, the Silicon Valley ‘gold standard’ (h/t). All in all, we believe this is the most comprehensive data ever made public, covering both the US and Europe. This is still a beta version, so we're looking for feedback to help us with UX/UI, and with additional features. Help us as a community to get better at rewarding talent :) PS: To learn more about building an employee stock option plan, you may also want to check out http://www.indexventures.com/Rew... to download the comprehensive handbook for entrepreneurs that we released alongside OptionPlan.
@domjacquesson @avronmarcus Amazing work guys ! We're sharing it with all our founders.
This is great, thanks Index team. I am adverse to "pitching" an exit valuation to employees (and I think all Execs should be), but otherwise, super helpful.
@matt_tucker1 Thx Matt. You're absolutely right, this isn't the approach that we'd recommend either. You just spotted an inconsistency in our UI labels - we say "exit value aspiration" earlier for this slider but I didn't spot the "exit value pitched" when it re-appears! Very grateful for your feedback, and will update the wording!!!
I wish I had this when we set up our option plan. Awesome idea and great execution of it!
@seanellis Thanks for the feedback, Sean! We're all ears for any growth hacks you may suggest to spread the word :)
Really well made and helpful tool. On top of helping design a plan, it simplifies the process of explaining everything to employees.
@jmfayal thanks James, really appreciate the feedback! Check out the downloadable book that accompanies OptionPlan, which provides full guidance and playbook for option planning - refreshers, policies, communicating grants, etc etc...
Fantastic work Dominic, we will be sharing with our portfolio, thank you!