Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 31st, 2019

Announcing our IPO
Last Friday, Lyft IPO'd. All the cool kids are doing it: Airbnb, Postmates, Pinterest, Uber, etc. Inspired, we discussed over the weekend and decided to do the same. We're pretty excited.

April Fools (obvi). 😸

But while we're on the topic, some tech players are *actually* trying shut down the prank-y holiday. This year, Microsoft is reportedly taking a stand against its own corporate pranks, and warned all employees not to participate in any hoaxes today.

Some context: Microsoft resurrected Clippy on April 1st last year, only to kill him off a day later.

So whether you think April Fools is the best or worst day to be on the internet, we're going to bring you some levity anyways. Over the past few years we've seen some ridiculous products launch to celebrate the unofficial holiday, including a Chrome extension to Rick Roll your friends, Brewolingo, Google Gnome and a weather app powered by snails.

And of course, we got some giggles from the Product Hunt homepage today.

• A stylish bean bag onesie
• Duolingo's creepy "in person" notifications
• An easier way to cheat your way into an Ivy League university
• Google Map's take on the classic game, Snake
• The most epic and ridiculous USB hub

Happy April 1st. Stay safe out there.
Trust No One
The Makers Festival, ‘No-Code-Edition’ Showcase is finally live! (NOT an April Fools joke)

With hundreds of Makers participating globally, we now have over a hundred products to showcase. Show your appreciation for your favorite no-code product by voting here now until 11pm PT April 5.