Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 21st, 2019

$100k for the best blockchain apps

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack. 

Another day, another Facebook security breach headline. Yesterday, it was that Facebook inadvertently stored hundreds of millions user passwords in plain text, searchable by employees. 😳

Luckily, decentralized apps exist to make the world a little (a lot) more secure. Instead of asking users to build a new identity for every dApp (you typically need to download a browser extension, create a wallet, buy cryptocurrency, etc.), some dApps have launched with Blockstack to manage user profiles.

Users can sign up once and “Sign in with Blockstack” just like they would Facebook. Except then Facebook can’t share your private passwords. You manage it yourself, secured and protected on Blockstack.👏

We joined Blockstack several months ago as an official App Reviewer.

How it works: $100,000 is up for grabs every month. dApp developers can sign up for App Mining to earn for their traction. Blockstack will then divvy up $100k across (or ‘to’) registered Blockstack dApps based on their overall ranking each month.

Here were five of this month’s apps that you should check out:

Recall is an open-source alternative to Google Photos. 📸

What sets it apart from other photo vaults is that it lets you select your preferred storage provider, and there are no restrictions on file sizes.

“This is awesome, photos are people’s most private asset and they should have 100% control over their memories” - Enrique

NoteRiot is a decentralized note taking app where alll of your data stays encrypted on the storage location of your choice. 📝

“Decentralized apps are catching up quickly to their centralized counterparts. I have used EverNote, SimpleNote, even NVAlt, but care about my privacy and so have been migrating over” - Christopher

DECS is a decentralized code snippet organizer. 🙌

It lets you store, secure and tightly control access to proprietary snippets, tokens, configurations, certificates, and other sensitive data all in one workspace.

“Great first step to decentralized GitHub” - Joe is a privacy-focused alternative to Typeform and Google Forms. This way, both the survey's creator and respondents are protected. 🙏

“Nice to see another form builder tool in the industry” - Evren

Decentus is a news aggregator where link submission data is owned by the users. It's like Hacker News or Reddit, but decentralized. 🗞

“This is an interesting concept — I don't think many people are thinking about their own data when they upvote an article or submit a link to sites like Hacker News or Reddit” - Taylor

Check out the full list of Top dApps from March.

Want to get paid for your dApp? Register here for App Mining to be eligible for next month’s payouts. 👏

Check out Blockstack

The Makers Festival is back - with a twist. This year's hackathon is “no-code” themed.

The grand prize of this year's Maker Festival will be a trophy of you and a Macbook Pro. Registration is now open and closes this Sunday March 24.

We cannot wait to see what you build! 🙌

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