Easy, private, secure note taking.

NoteRiot is the easy to use note taking app. Notes are accessible everywhere, easily searchable so you always find what you need. Always private, always secure.

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NoteRiot has been updated *new features* * Google Keep import * Autosave * Fantastic new color scheme ... and by "fantastic" I mean, slightly lighter and brighter... * Completely rebuilt list view * Fullscreen editing enabled for better, distraction-less writing * Side-by-side view of rendered markdown code enabled * New 'Title' field enable to more easily indicate how to title a note. For those unaware, 'title' used to be derived by proximity to the top of the note and markdown heading indicator ('#'). *for developers* * for integrators - user public key is now available for encrypting shared content * switched manual state management to vuex * switched manual routing to vue-router * the new editor is available at: *known issues* * imported images are viewable, but not yet editable in notes * Temporarily removed one-click "un-delete" functionality. Notes that are "deleted" are still available in the "trash" and you can copy & paste them into new notes ... you just cant one-click restore them ... this functionality is coming back soon.
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is this open source like graphite?
@dantrevino Where is the github for this project? I didn't find any address on your website? Where can I submit issues?
@dantrevino and how can I find my data in gaia hub
@blockstack_yummy Hey sorry, i thought I posted the address into my reply above. Also note that the feb2 branch has many updates. You can check out that branch here:https://feb2--infallible-william... .. be aware that data will not automagically sync between this test release and the production release at
@blockstack_yummy What do you mean by "find my data"? You can export the data from the app By selecting "Backup Notes" from the user dropdown ("v" next to your name and id), or, from the developer tools console you can get it by: 1. blockstack.loadUserProfile('your_user_id') 2. copy the hubUrl and app private key 3. blockstack.getAppBucketUrul(hubUrl, appPrivateKey) This will give you the Gaia url ... 4. 'gaia_url'/riotnotes.json will be the location of your encrypted notes.

Decentralized apps are catching up quickly to their centralized counterparts. I have used EverNote, SimpleNote, even NVAlt (notational velocity), but care about my privacy and so have been migrating over to one note, and don't miss my old apps yet!


The tagging system is very intuitive, and has a slick interface.


There is no desktop app yet, but works great on both desktop Blockstack browser and mobile Blockstack browser.

Another update. I've added instructions for running your own NoteRiot instance on git. You can find it here Please add any issues/questions to gitlab. cc:@blockstack_yummy.
Another big update this week. Continue to rev on the user interface. Cleaned things up a ton. The editor provides a more distraction-free type of environment by removing the big bold colors.