Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 20th, 2019

The new social network for music

Who remembers 👋

If you don't, it was basically a social network that allowed people to DJ in virtual “rooms.” It was sort of like if Spotify had chatrooms with bobbing avatars. And it shut down in 2013.

Today, a successor launched on Product Hunt. It's called Roadtrip, and it's a music app where you can either DJ or let someone else DJ your commutes, workouts, etc. 🎧

How it works: First, you connect your Spotify account to your profile on Roadtrip. Then, you create a “room” and start playing music from curated playlists or playlists you've made yourself. While you're DJing, you can also unmute yourself and talk to your listeners. It's kind of like running your own radio station. You can even share your room to your Instagram story.

Some initial reactions from the Product Hunt community:

“Commutes do suck. I try to avoid as much as possible but music has a way of making the time fly.” - Ross

“I liked the concept of going live with some jams with only audio and no video” - Elena

Roadtrip is tapping into common human behavior — sharing music with friends — and giving it a spin (pun intended) in the age of Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal, etc.

“While building we’ve found that it made long commutes, working out, or days when you were traveling a little less lonely. Also, music just made calls more fun. With some sound effects and small Easter eggs, Roadtrip started to give us those summer camp vibes of some of our favorite social apps.” - Roadtrip Maker, Matt Mazzeo

It's the latest among the growing list of audio-based experiences designed to tap into the AirPods (ICYMI, Apple announced AirPods 2.0 yesterday) that are always in our ears or the smartphones that are always in our hands. There's already Drivetime, a hands-free trivia game controlled entirely by voice. Fallound connects to Google Maps and gives you perfectly timed podcasts according to your journey. Readcast lets you bookmark interesting articles and listen to them later. Feel like taking a road trip yet? 😉

Try Roadtrip

In this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio, Shots Studios founder John Shahidi joined us to chat about:

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