Makers Festival
The 'No Code Edition' - Brought to you by Product Hunt and Coda
Winners Announced
But wait, No Code?
This time round, we're celebrating the incredible products that can be made without any code. Get your creative juices flowing and start making your own beautiful tools—maybe even in a doc.
For the next three weeks, Coda experts will be on-hand to help you realize your vision in a Coda doc. One maker described it as "Minecraft for docs." It's kinda like a mix between Google docs and Excel, except you can build apps with it.

🏅 Themes & Prizes
Here are the categories to get your wheels turning. Prizes will be awarded for the best product in each of the following themes:
Tool for Teams
To make the most of the next meeting, or to connect remote team members
Life Hacks
To drive your productivity, or keep your life on track
Health & Wellness
Tools to free your mind or increase your heart rate
Tiny Apps
The most powerful products have the humblest beginnings. There’s no such thing as an edge case
Social Impact
Products that prioritise the improvement of the world
Everything Else
You tell us!
Maker in Chief
We'll be giving out Silver kitties for winners in each category. If your submission is a Coda doc, you’re eligible for the Grand Prize: A trophy action figure in your likeness, and either a MacBook Air or 3d printer; so the world may know your makerness.
⏱ Timeline & Submission
How things are going to go and how to submit your product
march 18th
📣 Announcement & Registration opens
march 25th
⏰ Submissions Opens
march 29th
👋 Submission Closes
April 1st
🔼 Voting Opens
April 5th
🥁 Voting Closes
April 8th
🏅 Winners Announced!

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We’re created a space for Makers to discuss their ideas, ask questions and share their progress with others participating in Maker Festival.

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