Turn high fidelity UI images into mockups

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#1 Product of the DayMarch 21, 2019
Mockdown - Turn high fidelity UI images into mockups
Create low fidelity mockdowns, redact user information, use for explainer videos or concept walkthroughs.
  • Pros: 

    Great Idea.


    It just is NOT a working product. The mockup made with it is nowhere as pretty as in the preview photos.

    I would like to bring awareness to this company. You must admit this team is really good at designing and marketing. They are capable of making their products "look good" and get tons of upvotes in Product Hunt. That being said, if you check their portfolio, check what have they actually built. You will find that they keep on developing new things instead of improving existing products. Why do they do that? My guess is: is trying to create BARELY usable products from ideas that can bring hypes, so they can scam user into paying REAL MONEY. Look at these products by Mockdown - just try it out and you will found it unusable. Investor Intelligence - buggy, small database, and I don't think any of the numbers in their landing page is real. Scraped data from Slides - BLATANT COPY from Slides 4, just check Shots - sounds like a great idea, that's why it got recognized by a lot of famous makers in the community. However if you actually tried to use it, you will find out how limited the feature is. As you can see, builds SCAM, they copy from others, they recommend their own products with different accounts in Product Hunt. This kind of behaviors SHOULD NOT be allowed in this community, as visitors of Product Hunt may fall for these not-so-obvious SCAMS. Furthermore, I checked's Glassdoor reviews. Their former employees claim the CEO & CTO as "power-driven, controlling individuals, sexist and racist", and exploit bootcamp graduates and interns. You can read all reviews from: Please take a serious look into this company, I will be reporting this to Product Hunt's team as well. (Sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker :( )

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  • Pros: 

    I think the team who made this did a great job. I am actually shocked I've never seen anything like this before.


    When the export becomes editable I think they will really be on to something!

    Great Tools for me.

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Nihal Graphics
Nihal Graphics@nihal_graphics
This is awesome. Great Job!
Andrew Gerrard
Andrew Gerrard@andrewgerrard · Non Exec Director
I liked it. That's for a great product. Hopefully I'll be using this for my next product.
Atta ⚡️
Atta ⚡️@attacomsian · Founder, Wired Dots.
Wow, amazing. It is a great tool 👌
Al Gepé
Al Gepé@al_gepe
That's a great tool for designers, definitely makes clean and good looking mockups in no time!
Didn't really understand what it did at the start but wow that is pretty cool!