A new internet for decentralized apps

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So only if they had blockchains back in 1980s, we could've built a secure, truly decentralized internet right from the beginning ...
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Really great work guys- there are so many issues with DNS, being a centralised point of weakness built when the Internet was in its infancy. An immutable changelog can help track errors and malicious interference. What's the grand vision for your namespace listings for other decentralized applications?
@vijaymichalik Thanks! The system itself is quite generic and we currently have a list of upcoming/potential namespaces here A bunch of people are really interested in their specific use cases on top of this decentralized system; stay tuned for updates when these use cases get rolled out.
From @Naval's answer to Which non-financial related blockchain project are you most excited about?" on Ask Product Hunt: Blockstack. "Very ambitious project to decentralize identity and user data and to allow construction of fully decentralized applications. Applications that can't be shut down or censored, won't sell off user data, and don't lock users in. (disclaimer: investor, but I invest in anything I like in the space)"
Update: We’ve been refining the design of our blockchain, peer network, and storage over the last years and in May 2017 released the details of these systems in a Blockstack whitepaper:
wow --- cool product