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#3 Product of the WeekMarch 21, 2019
Glide is a 100% free PowerPoint template made for everyone.

- 80 slides including mockups, icons, maps
- Ultra light (less than 5MB photos included)
- Customizable (change theme colors)
- Uses System fonts (nothing to install, just open it & edit it)
- Available for Mac & PC
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17 Reviews4.7/5
Hello ProductHunters 👋 Jérôme here, one of Slidor's co-founders: the PowerPoint design agency behind Glide! Over the five last years, our team of over 25 designers have created PowerPoint presentations for 500+ companies. We've decided that it's time to offer a free, light, and beautiful PowerPoint template for everyone. Our team believes that the templates found on internet are often too heavy, not particularly user friendly, and on top of that they're costly. We’re on a mission to help people beautify their deck starting with a fresh template which includes 80 layouts. Glide is free forever: we only ask for your email address and we promise we won't reach you more than two times a year. You can customize Glide & change colors dynamically, it's less than 5MB, and it's available for Mac & PC. We hope you'll like it! Let us know what you think! 🎉🎉🎉
@bestelgram have you considered offering a Keynote version?
@chrismessina Hi Chris! Unfortunately we only develop products on PowerPoint at the moment. However you can try to import it on Keynote and you will be able to reuse some material 😉
This is a beautiful template! I’m totally going to be using this often! Love the modern designs and layouts with the pop of color!
@peterdenatale Thanks a lot Peter! Glad to know you like it! All the best for your presentations 🙏
Great concept & design! Thank you for this👌🏻
@adrien_ripaud Thanks Adrien 🙏

I use it every day


Highly customizable and delightful


The perfect template

@bestelgram this looks amazing! However, heads-up, 'm not receiving the download email - please check whether everything is working on your end. Tried two different GMail accounts.
@michael_g_strock Hi Michael, sorry to hear you didn't received the template. Sometimes it can go into spams or "promotion tab" in Gmail. Please shoot me an email to and I will send you the template right away 😉