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February 18th, 2019

91 apps if you love Dark Mode

There are a lottt of reasons to love Dark Mode. Things like:

✅ It's good for your eyes
✅ It's good for your device's battery
✅ It's good for your sanity
✅ It is elegant

Dark Mode is oft-requested and the tech giants take heed. Popular apps like Twitter, Medium, Reddit, YouTube, Kindle and Wikipedia all support darker themes. Last week, Google released a set of 14 alternate Chrome color palettes, including “Just Black” aka Dark Mode. It's also rumored that the upcoming Android OS will have system-wide Dark Mode. And Apple is reportedly adding a new Dark Mode to your iPhone later this year.

If you need more Dark Mode and you need it *now* — there's Dark Reader, a browser extension that turns every website into Night Mode.

As of this week, Dark Mode's reach extended to IRL products, such as a black dot grid notebook made for designers.

Need more?

Here are 91 apps that support dark browsing bliss.

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