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#1 Product of the DayOctober 08, 2017

Darker Medium applies a customizable dark theme to *all* medium formatted stories. You can customize the header background, main accent color, highlight color and link styles separately from the option menu. No matter the domain, if a site is using Medium, it will get a dark theme; that is the main advantage over Stylus and Stylish.

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Hey Product Hunters! I created this extension when I kept discovering new Medium sites and finally got tired of adding new domains into the Stylus manager. I started out with the "Medium Dark Grey" userstyle, but ended up starting over from scratch. I hope this extension makes your eyes as happy as mine! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it! Update: Sorry, I don't own any Apple devices, so there isn't a Safari extension available. The code is all open source, so if someone wants to create one, go for it! Update 2: Security concerns? This browser extension does not collect any personal data. The only data stored is the user style preferences (the state of the extension, five colors & an underline setting). Absolutely nothing else is shared or tracked; it's not using Google Analytics.
@wowmottie Looks great, thanks! Now if only they had dark mode on iOS. It’s the only reading app I use that has to be white (Feedly, Pocket, Blinkist, iBooks, Kindle, etc). Now I can just use Darker Medium to read on my laptop. 😎

Much awaited...


Reduce eye strain



Thank you 🙏🏻


Works as advertised



This plugin makes me so happy! Using this on Firefox Quantum now. Yes, it supports 57!!
Everything dark!! Nice work man. I will use it for sure