An encyclopedia on your wrist

MiniWiki is the best way to browse Wikipedia™ on your Apple Watch with ease.

If you want to search across over 40 million articles, download articles for offline reading, or find out all about your surroundings with nearby articles, MiniWiki has you covered!

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Wikipedia on your wrist means school will never be the same again. Recommended!
Hey everyone! I'm Will Bishop, a 16-year-old developer from Adelaide, Australia. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have 😃

Great for a quick reference on the go


Nearby feature is awesome


Navigation within a large article can be a bit slow

I wouldn’t have thought I’d use Wikipedia on my watch, but MinWiki makes it work. I got it just before doing some travel and found the Neaby feature to be quite useful.


Find articles for nearby places, bookmark and download articles.


Doesn’t support links (yet)