Dark Reader

Dark theme for every website, care for your eyes

Dark Reader generates dark themes for websites on the fly. Use the night mode to take care of your eyes. Adjust brightness and contrast to better fit your screen.

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Recommending to all my late night programming friends
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@rrhoover I wish everybody could sleep at night :)
Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead & love this. @alexanderby

Love it. It would be awesome if we could specify a time to automatically turn it on every day.


Works as advertised. Works on most websites incredibly well.


Does not turn on automatically at night.

Last week, I wondered if such a thing existed. Googled it. Found this. It works perfectly. Couldn't be happier.
@javaamonde 4 years ago I googled it, but haven't found anything and created this tool :)
@javaamonde @alexanderby not all heroes wear capes, good job man πŸ‘
This is amazing.