A Chrome extension for a start page that gets you going.

Tabzero is a start page application with a keyword-powered search bar (e.g. type “yt [search words]” or “gi [search words]” to search in YouTube or Google Images respectively), a customizable news feed, to-do list and a notepad, all rolled into one.

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quality human made a quality extension — highly recommended!
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Love the extension, and I just start using it to see if I got used to it! :) Two feedbacks that would make it even more useful to me: 1) A "catch-all" feed, I would love to see the most recent news from the all my rss feeds in one place, instead of having to click on each one. 2) I also love to have more than 5 links on the RSS Feed.
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@raphael_aleixo Noted, thanks Raphael!
Love this idea Alex! I’m a big new tab fan and I’m always hacking at mine (currently a crm based on Twitter DMs and a notepad). But like a lot of concepts in Tabzero. Any thoughts of making it extensible or customizable?
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@moeamaya Its previous incarnation, Nutshell (rip), had the possibility of adding custom search keywords/URLs. I think that will be added to Tabzero at some point, along with some of the features requested in the comments here (e.g. custom number of items per feed). If you get creative with Zapier or IFTTT, the possibilities for the RSS panel are pretty much unlimited :)
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In love with extension, really! The only annoying thing is bright and colorful 'tabzero' logo. Would be great to have a 'go brandless' option :)
@egorevv Thanks for the feedback Egor! To be honest, I share your opinion. I'll tone it down to light gray in the next release 👌
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@oscaralexander the possibility to hide the RSS feed would also be nice :)
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@egorevv Easily distracted huh? ;)
@oscaralexander yeah! Right now I use Papier, but it misses the search functionality, which I found really cool
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@egorevv I've just pushed an update. The feeds can now be hidden and the logo is now light gray. (Also added search keywords for Spotify and Unsplash, and added a link for downloading notes as .txt files for safekeeping.)
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I would pay for the ability to take away the TabZero branding.
@phillip_hbh I've changed it to a very light gray. Is that worth anything? ;)