Dark Mode List

A list of apps that support 🌃 dark mode

Dark Mode List is a list of apps and sites that support dark mode

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Hi Product Hunt, I like to use dark mode in a lot of apps and sites like Slack, Chrome, Gmail, Product Hunt, Medium etc. and I tried to find a list of where I could find the dark mode for some other apps with an instruction how to turn it on, and I couldn’t. So I decided to build my own. Let me know your feedback or maybe suggest some of your favorite apps that you are using in the dark mode and.
@andreyazimov can't wait to go through it, already seen so many I didn't know about just from screen shots!
@andreyazimov challenge accepted! Making a Dark Mode for https://cryptojobslist.com. Will try to make it in under 30 minutes! 🚀
@andreyazimov done! it's live 👉 https://cryptojobslist.com/ Click that 🌜 button in the top left
@andreyazimov Does github have a native darkmode toggle? or is it a plugin? thanks.
Great List ! was hoping to see xcode on that list 😞 one day xcode will have a dark mode lol
@iice89 Yeahm would be great but so far as I know there is no native dark mode except this workaround: Preferences -> Fonts and Colors -> Dusk If this works for you I can add it to a list.
@andreyazimov Might be worth adding thoose specifics yeh :) i have already used before but i mean in general the whole UI , Great list however :)
@iice89 I found Dracula Theme for Xcode. Added it to the list 🙏
@iice89 @andreyazimov Dusk has contrast issues, Dracula solves these: https://github.com/dracula/xcode
Nice! I have all the apps that support it in dark/night mode now. My eyes thank me every day. Great list 👌
@levelsio Our eyes saved!
Sketch 48 will have a Dark Theme plugin made by the community 🎉 Check the thread where it all happened: https://spectrum.chat/thread/1db...
@brunolemos nice! added as upcoming.
Well done @andreyazimov! Good to see you level up your dev skills ;) Will soon be the CSS-master-Andrey ;)
@ksaitor haha :) thanks for your CSS advices :)