Hacker Tab

Replace Browser new tab with GitHub trending projects. ✨


• GitHub trending projects

• Dark Mode

• Change your favourite language

• Change from trending daily, weekly or monthly

• Load repositories in background

• I'm feeling lucky to show a random project

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Scratch my own itch on want to get updated with trending projects and end up building this Chrome extension, hope it can boost up developer productivities.
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Neat project, looks quite nice, congrats on the launch! I have developed a similar extension for GH, PH and HackerNews, called Devo, your roadmap seems quite similar, if you'd like we can share some ideas.
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@sifonvebok Hi Karakan, did not realize there is an existing extension does that! yeah they share a lots of things in common, and I like the dark mode!
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Would keep using if con is adressed


Great tool to see what is trending on Github


No way to filter out the repos with an already existing large number of upvotes (Vue.js, etc.)

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Just realised that there was an unnecessary permission message "Read your browsing history" scares people away, removed that already.