Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 23rd, 2018

Oops. 😳😅
Last week, we did a deep dive into cryptocollectibles, unique digital crypto-assets that live on the blockchain.

Out of the 12 featured products, the most popular was a "simple explainer for the blockchain." Oops.

So we've compiled the best tools to answer: "WTH is the Blockchain?":

👀 Blockchain Demo is a visual explanation of the blockchain
🎙️ Blockchain Curated covers the best crypto articles in a podcast
✍️ Token Daily covers all the breaking crypto happenings in a newsletter
🎒 Cryptoeconomics will teach you about token economics
👶 My First Bitcoin is a children's book about crypto from Square
WTH is the Blockchain?
The more you write the better you get, the quicker you're able to turn coffee into text. Medium and Google Docs provide a very welcoming experience, and yet, one of the hardest parts of writing is getting started and staying focused.

That is why The Most Dangerous Writing App was invented. The moment you stop typing the screen starts turning red, and soon after all progress is lost. There is no option to save. 😳

Another technological cure to writer's block is Flowstate, which is available on the Mac App Store and iOS. Flowstate deletes everything if you stop typing, making it equally dangerous.

Other apps that help you simplify your message include Easy Write and Cleartext which only let you use the 1,000 most common words.

For more ways to improve your writing, check out the Dangerous Writing Apps.