Easy Write

Write clearly using only 1,000 commonly used words

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Mac app, Cleartext, received 500+ upvotes last week. Awesome job translating this to the web, @adeekshith.
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I love the approach (and of course I also like Cleartext). But I am worried: when writing a text you might not have time to thing about better words to replace the highlights. I think a logic iteration is a word recommendation. What do you think?
@danielpichel Yeah, I agree. That would be great! But I am not sure how difficult/easy it would be to implement it. I will search if there is any freely available thesaurus database or API which we can use to get it done. I am thinking, its implementation should be similar to spelling correction auto suggest in text editors except that it suggests easier words instead of spelling correction. What do you think?
@adeekshith Yes, you got it right. Maybe it's a bit more complicated. Even if you had an API to a thesaurus service you might need to map these to your 1,000 words. I haven't thought it through yet but I think it's possible to automate that somehow. Something like this doesn't exist at all I guess and it would be a huge differentiator for your app.
Hello product hunters! I am the maker of this. EasyWrite is web based and works on all major browsers. Read more about EasyWrite: http://www.deekshith.in/2016/04/... It is not yet done. Here are the planned improvements: - Ability to save files - More language support - Multiple color highlighting to indicate how uncommon the word is And check the code on Github: https://github.com/adeekshith/ea... Please let me know what you think. Thanks :)
That was fast. Could this be done for Windows?
@romanzadyrako Can do it for windows but the EasyWrite is web based and so already available for all platforms.
Interesting idea. I'll try it myself.
@csaba_kissi Glad you liked it πŸ˜€