Blockchain Demo 2.0 is a visual demonstration of the blockchain data structure!

2.0 features:

💬 Built-in P2P Network

✨ 15+ New Topics & Explanations

🎨 Revamped Interface

🖥️ Source Code (

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32 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt! I built Blockchain Demo 2.0 because the original could be more comprehensive! 2.0 will cover topics more in-depth topics such as the P2P network, immutability, mutation, and others! The P2P network is now built-in so you have full control of the network. Also, code snippets are introduced for fellow tinkerers out there! The full source code is here: I found that blockchain resources rarely go beyond the “revolutionary”, “immutable”, and “distributed” dialogue. To learn how blockchain worked, I resorted to source code and PhD papers, so that you don't have to! I built this because I wish I had a resource like this when I started out. The goal is for everyone to understand blockchain technology in a concise, delightful, and interactive way. If a blockchain revolution is to happen, people need to know how it works! Hope you enjoy the app. - Sean
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@seanhan You write that you had to go through the source code and PhD papers. May I know which papers did you go through?
@seanjameshan thank you so much.It is an amazing demo!!! I am starting with blockchain and helps a lot.

IMHO this is the best learning resource I've come across till now on blockchain technology. Everywhere else you have white papers and powerpoint videos with voiceovers pasted across internet, which are okay to follow, but hard to share with people who do not have enough time to consume them. I'm definitely going to share this with anyone who asks me about blockchain next time.



Amazing & descriptive walkthrough

Nice UI, which is easy on the eyes

The code examples are simple and help understand the concept fast


The current application like UI limits the purpose of demonstrating a concept, in comparison to say a diagrammatic user interface

Thanks for writing this review!
A great way to explain the blockchain to people. Thank you!
@svenvd_zee Thank you! Means a lot!

When I was first starting out with learning about Blockchain the version 1.0 helped me a lot in visualising what it looked like. The version 2.0 improves upon it a lot. I recommed it to everyone new to Blockchains.


1. The interface is slick.

2. The demos are great.

3. It includes code so you can peak under the hood and see what's happening.


For the very beginners, introducing so many new concepts at one time, might be a overwhelming. So I'd suggest graduating from 1.0 first.

Thanks for the constructive feedback!
Despite how much it gives you all at once, I found this super educational the first time around, and have learned even more in the new version. Nice wok @seanhan!
@thetomwhatley Thanks!! Glad it was helpful!!