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Oh heyyyy everyone! We've been working on a lot of things at One of which seems to be really resonating with users... it's our Daily Newsletter 🔥. Some people are calling it 'theSkimm for crypto' 😊. We summarise the top crypto news in an understandable, and digestible way! Currently trending on Reddit: (A Deep Dive into Binance Coin) (I can't take credit for this, @soonaorlater is killing it) we also experimented with doing a token deep dive for Token Tuesdays (in yesterdays newsletter!) Some other things we've released: Project pages, e.g. - shows github, medium, twitter, reddit updates - team - jobs - posts/Q&As Review products: - star and comment on your favourite crypto products p.s. we're hiring - DM me on Twitter (Engineers and Community Lead) (oh and also, I used for mockups - proud of the 'money' one 😂)
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@soonaorlater @bentossell Looks really cool, but I'm more of a weekly newsletter person rather than daily... Is there an option to get some kind of weekly digest?
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@soonaorlater @bentossell Hi all, just subscribed. I think there's definitely a niche for quality crypto updates and that people will look for higher quality info since currently everything is so hard to filter. Sent a PM on Twitter from @elixToken with some questions about content and the newsletter! Thanks.
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@soonaorlater @teawaterwire yeah we have a weekly newsletter too - subscribe and you can opt-out of the daily. However I recommend giving it a chance. only a 2-4 minute read. If you don't like it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
@soonaorlater @bentossell I surrender, the daily newsletter is really good indeed! (and with just the right amount of emojis 💓)
This is literally the one newsletter I read every morning (apart from Product Hunt's! 😅). Soona and team do an incredible job synthesizing the best of the crypto world. 👊
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Best crypto newsletter. Read it daily.


Simple, concise, pithy, awesome



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Super straightforward, never tedious to read


Soona writes so well that even if I already know what happened in a day, it's still gives me something to learn from


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Congrats! Awesome creators. Subbed. With crypto's massive potential, it's sad to see so many people taken advantage of through ICO scams and misinformation. You're filling such an important need: helping people understand this stuff in a no-nonsense way.
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