A writing app that deletes everything if you stop typing

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This could be very useful for those honing their writing skills, forcing one to write freely. Really neat idea.
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@rrhoover Exactly what I was thinking. Writer's block will hit you eventually. But overall, great idea!
Well this seems stressful. Gloriously wonderfully stressful.
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@urbnist Same! Read the description and immediately got sweaty palms.
@urbnist Agreed! I guess it would be useful for brainstorming/thought-dumping purposes—just to get the words out. But man, the anxiety!
@urbnist That's so true --- and I guess the main point
Mostly hunted this because it belongs in my "unnecessary" collection - but also I'm interested to see what people think. Useful or a complete waste of engineering resources?
Wonderful idea. I'd love to try this, but not sure I want to spend $14,99 on it when I don't know if I'd actually use it.
@nielsify Follow your heart. Also you can request a refund from Apple if it's bollocks.
@nielsify Try http://themostdangerouswritingap..., which is the same idea, but free.
I've been using Flowstate for almost all of my writing/directing work the past three years. Very excited to finally share it with everyone. If you have any questions about it, hit me. Otherwise, here's a mysterious and arguably unhelpful ad we just released: https://vimeo.com/calebslain/flo... <3
@calebslain that is the best teaser I've ever seen for an app. Very nicely done.
@zzzmarcus Arigatou gozaimasu!