Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction is a video series from the Blockchain Education Network about the fundamentals of crypto economics, or the study of how tokenized platforms and economies function and influence the world.

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@JinglanW is an underappreciated powerhouse in crypto. Between her time at Zcash / Sia and her role as the Executive Director of the Blockchain Education Network, she's singlehandedly taught thousands of students about the next generation of tech. 👏 Proud to call her a friend! Pumped to see what this series turns into.
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Very interesting introduction.
Great! (I've read the first ebook chapter and was surprised not to see Alice/Bob/Chris for the character names)
Looks great!

I find it fascinating the whole tech of crypto currency and enjoy the more the merrier all the companies updates and involvements in the whole aspect and subject and mining and stocks of it all. After all, Crypt is the future of money


Cryptoeconomics is interesting and up to date


I am not as familiar with it as I would like to be, haven't found any cons relative for anyone else