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Blockchain Curated selects the top cryptocurrency articles written by industry experts each week and converts them into a free podcast. Now, you can keep up with the best of cryptocurrency without ever reading a single line of text.

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Theres so many awesome articles in the Blockchain space my Pocket is getting rather full and not quite getting completed! With Blockchain Curated you can listen to the best articles. Nice work @zosegal
Thanks for the kind words @bentossell, and hello ProductHunt! Blockchain Curated is a weekly cryptocurrency podcast with a twist. I curate the top blockchain-related articles and convert them into audio. Subscribe via email, iTunes, or your favorite podcast app.
@zosegal congrats, Zach!
@zosegal this is awesome! Nice work Zach!
This will definitely come in handy...I agree with @bentossell that my article backlog in Pocket is getting ridiculous. Excited to check it out!
I feel your pain @nneuman. Hopefully this helps you get a little bit closer to Pocket Inbox 0 ;-) Thanks for your kind words!
Really informative and handy. @zosegal, great job! How often are you going to publish new content?
Thanks @natalia_kharchenko! There will be at least 1 new article per week ✌️
Hm, somebody decided to curated all these mess;) Good luck guys!