The Most Dangerous Writing App is the most dangerous way to keep yourself focused. Keep writing, or the text fades away and disappears forever.

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Best URL ever. This like a web-based version of the heartless Flowstate.
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@rrhoover Which in turn is a heartless app-based version of the questionably designed but beautifully named "Write or Die" :)
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@rrhoover both this and Flowstate are awesome! I just need something like this. These can be especially useful while writing morning pages ( where you should not stop and think, just write.
Pretty good way to start your day. This is good for 'morning pages', without the pressure of writing something that can be 'saved for later'. Just write, and use the ideas you get to write later in the day. Cool!
@joblesstroll Exactly what I was thinking!
@joblesstroll exactly what i was thinking
Let's get Dangerous! 👿
Can you do cmd + a and cmd + c? Aka saving.
@eonpilot Yea but that defeats the whole purpose of the app lol
@rohan_barman @eonpilot I just tried it and what I really liked about it is the visible countdown. I would love to just have the countdown that really forces me to finish my writing – without losing my work after a few seconds, since I need to do quite a bit of research between writing the paragraphs.
@rohan_barman it shouldn't be possible if you ask me. Or at least replace it with something risky like: up up down down left right left right b a. Only millennials will understand this ;)
@eonpilot @rohan_barman Ummm ... for the record, us Gen-Xer's BIRTHED this thing you think "Only millennials" will even understand! You kids think you know everything! =P
This is pure evil. I love it!