My First Bitcoin, from Square Cash

Illustrated children’s book about Bitcoin & Satoshi Nakamoto

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Shai AlonMaker of Apps, AI tinkerer

It seems the Bitcoin community has run of idiots in the world to buy their stupid "currency" for inflated prices, so they are now preying on our children.

No Thanks.


This product is probably illegal, so not even valuable as a joke.




Brainwashing children

Where do you get the children part from?
You involve peple to BTC from childhood?

Shai is right, it is brainwashing.

Be the first company someone deals with something new through and they will be drawn to you forever - preying on children is horrible.




Teaches kids stuff they really don't need to know to lure them into using to buy bitcoin

Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
This is pretty cool - I love the idea of simplifying the concept for children and getting them interested in blockchain technology early on... by the time they grow up it's likely to have transformed the way all commerce works. Anyone know who the makers are? Would be great to credit them here. 🤔
Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
@abadesi Yes, it's @jack from Twitter 🎉 :)
Sydney Liu
Co-Founder of
I don't think this is meant as a "children's book" as much as it is a cute explainer. This isn't meant for kids (as far as I can tell). Reminds me a lot of the Commaful story format
John BordenCreative Coder from New Mexico

Presenting this in a children's book format is risky and makes me feel strange. On the one hand I like it because it's very simple, has amazing illustrations, and it's doesn't make any crazy predictions on bitcoin's future value.

On the other hand, I feel a certain unease about kids getting into bitcoin. I'd be more at ease back when most bitcoin enthusiasts where nerdy types who thought it was cool that they could mine currency using a bunch of GPUs. Nowadays there's this community of speculators along for the ride who may or may not become suicidal when the price dips because they made some really bad financial decisions. If I had kids, I definitely wouldn't want them hanging out with the latter.

I don't think the intention here is to get kids into bitcoin, but there was an intention to convey this information in a children's book format. Again, it's a strange place to be in.


It explains bitcoin in a way that's simple, colorful, and free of hype and crazy claims


The children's book vibe may not be the smartest idea

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