Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 21st, 2016

Sales tools for startups 🔥💰🔥💰
Sales for Startups 💰
One of the first things people outside of tech will ask you is: How does your startup make money? It's a fair questions, and these sales tools for startups will help you blow them away with your response. 🔥💬

Sell One Thing is the easiest way to get started selling one product
• Streak is the first CRM of choice for salespeople everywhere
• Clearbit Connect is like Rapportive, a must-download
Entro is the holy grail of email introductions
• Charlie will help you make a killer first impression

For more, check out the Sales for Startups collection on Product Hunt and these 9 Incredibly Useful Sales Tools on Medium.
Spectacular Writing Tools: This collection of products will make your writing instantly better. Notable highlights include WritefullGitBook, and Rough Draft. 📝💫
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