Equity Free Funding Stash is a curated list of equity free funding options available across the world to help your startup grow and succeed. The platform lists information about different equity free funding programs, interviews of entrepreneurs who attended these programs, and a weekly newsletter with information about application open dates.

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Hi All, Equity free funding stash is a curated list of equity free funding options available around the world to help you build your startup. It currently has over 30 different programs ranging from government grants to corporate accelerator programs. I made this list while hunting such options for my own startup. Inspired by @bramk, I was thinking of sharing it with others and felt that a map interface would be the best to present this information. The list is also available on Github ( https://github.com/intdotai/equi... ). Let me know how I can make it better...
Loved the idea and this would be super useful for startups in the early stages. Hope the website will be updated periodically. Would like to get a filter for funding options by industry viz. ICT, VR, etc. Noticed some of the programs had already passed deadlines and applications were closed. A filter to remove them would also be helpful.
Thank you very much for the feedback @shashankkr9 . We will definitely put up filters (by city, industry etc.) shortly. "Currently closed" filter is an awesome idea but would be difficult to maintain though..
@p12dpraneeth @shashankkr9 Another useful filter would be by industry: for example, a fund that only invests in real estate, or environmental tech, etc.
Good job πŸ‘ I think it's a great choice to have done it as a map πŸ’ͺ Since there are many options and there will be more in the future, I am wondering how would you separate options located in the same city? Would it be possible to order them by the amount of money or the incentive benefits for example?
Thanks for the feedback @matthieudeluze. We are planning to implement marker clusters to indicate more than 1 program in a city which becomes individual markers when zoomed in... Planning to do it over next weekend...☺
@p12dpraneeth Cool! I'll be looking for these new features then πŸ‘€
This is great! Would love to see Montreal added to the list :) Here are a couple off the top of my head: - Frank & Oak's 50-50 Founders Fund http://strategyonline.ca/2016/10...# - McGill's Dobson Cup https://www.mcgill.ca/dobson/ent...
Thank you very much for the information @imcneice. Will check them