CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

Would you recommend Streak to a friend?


Noah Lichtenstein
@noah_l · Partner, Cowboy Ventures
I am a huge fan of the simplicity and effectiveness of Streak. Having built Sales organizations in the past and implemented both Salesforce and Zoho, I am hugely impressed with what @aloo and the Streak team have accomplished in such a short time. For many of us, traditional CRMs are too robust or ask you to change your workflow. Streak is great because i… See more
Jason Shah
@jasonyogeshshah · CEO @ Do (Do.com)
I have used Streak for a while now - sometimes for traditional CRM for HeatData and sometimes for as a CRM for my professional network (distinct from what Linkedin can offer me). Strongly recommend.
Brad Yasar
@yasarcorp · It takes a whole life to become you!
Has anyone uses this with multiple gmail accounts? will it work with more than one at once?
Joe Walnes
@joewalnes · Inventor. novaphotos.com. @joewalnes
Basically, it's a browser extension and supporting backend that adds additional functionality to Gmail. It's like an auto filtering/reply system on steroid that can share information between members in your team, add actions to messages, new indicators etc. You can use these to implement custom workflows like bug trackers, customer support, sales funnels, … See more
Ian Thiel
@ianthiel · Head of Growth @ Alto
Have been following Streak for a while now and love the product.