Smart alarm clock with artificial intelligence

#2 Product of the DayNovember 21, 2016
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Everything *must* be smart! ๐Ÿš€ But this is awesome! :) I'm a huge fan.
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These types of products never excite me. Isn't my iPhone the smartest alarm clock I need? What is the main advantage of something like this over just using my iPhone?
@evanlaclark I have similar concerns, but what it comes down to is focus and their ability to solve a pain for people to pay for it. Apple as a platform provider doesn't have the same level of interest to provide this out of the box. However, I do wonder how this would have performed as an app that's always on and the physical device being a dock instead.
@tarungangwani @evanlaclark The real question is does it even need a "physical device"? I understand if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to check the time but I would argue that the upcoming generation doesn't consider a clock in their bedroom as necessary. Once this type of software and rolls out in phones an AI assistant should handle this. But for this moment in time I think this is an awesome offering that will show definite value as long as it follows it's timeline on Kickstarter! :)
@as_austin @tarungangwani @evanlaclark Arguably, the Amazon Echo fell into the same exact space that you are arguing against, it had no "new" features over Siri, and was a bit of hardware. Yes agreeably I would have one unified "intelligence" that would follow me on my smart phones and on plugged-in home devices, giving me ultimate flexibility. That said, what is better about this product, IMO, is that they have an interest in being proactive and "push"ing us information, not just waiting for a query. Can't wait til AI assistants are my primary form of interruption.
@timothy_joh completely agree on the one unified "intelligence" (developed in whatever ecosystem you choose) that gives flexibility and push's information. I think AI being proactive is huge but it must learn when to and when not to be proactive besides giving me information that matters. Throw this into an app and it's bedside monitor plus the unified voice would be amazing.
@evanlaclark lol agreed. Another product for rich people who aren't motivated enough to get out of bed. Weird problem to want to spend so much time on.
Could be cool! But, seems like this won't get enough use if it's just at the bedside; a stronger pitch would be "Echo with a screen". Also, seemingly every Kickstarter video has their music mixed too high...
Usually I'd be excited about this but my Echo kind does this already, the only difference is the addition of the screen and less info during the alarm.
Great project! Do you use third party NLU platform or is it your own? I like how you handle conditions: Wake me up if the weather is good, if it's bad let me sleep ๐Ÿ‘