Smart alarm clock with artificial intelligence

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Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Everything *must* be smart! 🚀 But this is awesome! :) I'm a huge fan.
Evan Clark
@evanlaclark · Student and Product Junkie
These types of products never excite me. Isn't my iPhone the smartest alarm clock I need? What is the main advantage of something like this over just using my iPhone?
d a n n y
Could be cool! But, seems like this won't get enough use if it's just at the bedside; a stronger pitch would be "Echo with a screen". Also, seemingly every Kickstarter video has their music mixed too high...
Matthew Harris
@mattryanharris · Co-founder, ClassStatus
Usually I'd be excited about this but my Echo kind does this already, the only difference is the addition of the screen and less info during the alarm.
Marina Ashurkina
Great project! Do you use third party NLU platform or is it your own? I like how you handle conditions: Wake me up if the weather is good, if it's bad let me sleep 👍