Smart alarm clock with artificial intelligence

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Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Everything *must* be smart! 🚀 But this is awesome! :) I'm a huge fan.
Evan Clark
@evanlaclark · Student and Product Junkie
These types of products never excite me. Isn't my iPhone the smartest alarm clock I need? What is the main advantage of something like this over just using my iPhone?
d a n n y
Could be cool! But, seems like this won't get enough use if it's just at the bedside; a stronger pitch would be "Echo with a screen". Also, seemingly every Kickstarter video has their music mixed too high...
Matthew Harris
@mattryanharris · Co-founder, ClassStatus
Usually I'd be excited about this but my Echo kind does this already, the only difference is the addition of the screen and less info during the alarm.
@m_4rina · COO @cherry.ai Building Voice Interfaces
Great project! Do you use third party NLU platform or is it your own? I like how you handle conditions: Wake me up if the weather is good, if it's bad let me sleep 👍