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Hey Product Hunters! The main thing Entro does is help connectors remove the time suck from double opt-in introductions and help you close the loop with an automatic follow-up after an introduction is sent. The short version is I had to do a bit of cold calling in my previous BD gig and didn't really enjoy it that much. One day I offered to make an introduction for a friend and he sent 3 back! After going in warm, I was trusted immediately, got the decision-maker right away and eventually installation. This was the complete polar opposite from my cold calling experience. After this and a few other successful intros I sent out - I wanted something to help me track, follow-up, and proactively recommend who I should connect before I even knew. We originally started on Linkedin but they cut off their API leaving that product completely dead. Anyways we realized email was the best place for us to ultimately exist since it's where the majority of introductions take place. After doing 100s of customer interviews, we realized that the two biggest pain points were the time suck of double opt-in introductions (coined by Fred Wilson) and the lost data/insights of what happens after you make an introduction. With that, we got back to work to focus on those issues and have Entro today! Hope you enjoy and please share your feedback/suggestions :) Also have to give props to John Corcoran for our amazing new tagline https://twitter.com/JohnCorcoran... Would love to offer 1 Month free of Premium Entro courtesy of Glasshole Kitty ;). Just use the Promo code 'ProductHunt' after installing!
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If you're constantly being asked to make intros to other entrepreneurs, investors, etc., YOU NEED THIS. Entro is a clean, friendly, MODERN way to make great meaningful two sided intros, and then close the loop afterward. Highly recommended!
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@cynthiaschames Thanks so much Cynthia! Perfect for closing the loop :)
@cynthiaschames Cool concept for sure - but are we risking over saturation and over load leading to diminished quality as the difficulty of connecting acts as an attrition filter?
@samir_doshi @cynthiaschames I would say Entro at your own risk. Also, we have an auto follow-up so you can know if the intros you're sending are helpful or not. If you're not adding value then don't send.
@seth_gold @cynthiaschames True --- it's an empowerment tool so it's up to the user to condition the use... good point and good luck!
Great product! Use it at least 15x/day and I've received very valuable business in return for making intros to others. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
@gableroach Dan the man! They are going to have to change the word connector to your name in the dictionary - appreciate your support as always!
@gableroach Thanks for introducing this to me Daniel. At 15x intros a day -- you are definitely a power user. I need to try harder to use this in place of my existing email workflow.
Love the product. I'v been an early user and am extremely impressed by what Seth and his team have built in such a short period of time. I like to think of my self as a serial connector and Entro is the gravy to my roast potatoes. I'm excited to see what comes next from then Entro team.
@oilcanguitar Adam is also one of the inspirations behind Entro with his generous introductions!
Wow, this looks like it could save me tons of time every week. Will try it out now.
@jcinsv Great, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!