Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 2nd, 2016

Products from Black Mirror 😳
Black Mirror, the popular TV series that shows dark side of life and technology, just started it's 3rd season on Netflix. In the first episode we enter a world where nearly every online and in-person interaction is rated on a five-star scale (like Uber), very similar to the controversial Peeple app (minus the augmented reality part).

Black Mirror makes you really think about what technology is doing to our lives and where society is heading, but this techno future isn’t far away. There’s already an app that pays you to go to the gym, soon we’ll be recording everything we see with these, and this tool can turn your deceased loved ones into a bot… sort of.

Explore the full collection of Black Mirror tech on Product Hunt (no spoilers) and check out the series if you haven't already.
Black Mirror Tech
This is wild. Sunflower Labs just announced its drone-based home security system. Watch the video. 🎥