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great idea. I would show a few samples on the homepage so people have an idea of what it looks like. Maybe a screenshot of the backend (if there is one?) too
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@alancassinelli We've been hearing that a lot. Currently if you click on the dotted underlined "checkout page", the site will show you the last created product page. We'll have to make it more prominent in our next code push. Thanks for the feedback!
@geetfun @alancassinelli Good point and feedback from a visitor: I didn't get that I had to click on the dots.
Great concept - like a digital pop-up shop. I'd imagine that this would be especially useful for folks who are just getting their feet wet with e-commerce, who might not yet be familiar with how Stripe works, and could use a little extra hand-holding in the FAQ or elsewhere. If I'm selling a physical object, I need to collect customers' shipping addresses in addition to payment. Does Stripe handle that for me, or will I have to do it manually via email? Etc.
@eliservescent The buyer will see a comment box to enter the mailing address or any other order details. It was designed this way to simplify things for this product's iteration. Thanks for checking us out!
Simon, I love the simplicity and speed, ideal for a quick test by non tech founders validating sales assumptions. Just tried it via the link on product hunt and got this error right at the end "broke our server" after entering my email - gave me options of - login, signup or create another listing. do fix as i would like to try it out on on behalf of some of my incubator startups, thx!
Hey Buddy, I'm trying to create a product but upon completing step 2, I get a "you broke the server" message.
@alvinmilton same here ! any alternative ?
@mcoenca probably not, sadly. I totally forgot about this comment and it was never replied to.
Add a price, photo, description and you're good to go. Connect stripe and payments can go right in https://sellonething.co/p/91/
@kristofertm Looks great! That pretty much encapsulates the raison d'etre of the site. To quickly throw up a page and sell stuff while being able to accept (Stripe powered currently) credit cards. No fuss. Thanks for trying SOT out!
@geetfun People keep "buying" this product. Can't imagine people are actually spending money on my fictitious product so I tried it myself and didn't even need to enter a CC...
@kristofertm Yup! I noticed a lot of people buying your product too. 😉 If your account is not connected to Stripe, it'll default to creating an order so the seller can follow up with the buyer directly. If Stripe is connected, then a pop up will come up to take the credit card.