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Hey everyone! This weekend, 9 people and I got together to build a web app to make finding and calling your Congressperson incredibly easy. We found the existing process to be too difficult and in the next four years, we're going to need to mobilize a lot. Call To Action is the fastest and easiest way to contact your Congressional reps. You can use it on your Android or iPhone right now! We had an incredibly diverse team work on this and we hope it will make getting your voice heard far easier than it is now. You can read more over at Medium: https://medium.com/@zackshapiro/... I'd love to answer any questions!
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Thank you so much for making this. This is exactly the kind of work we need to be doing right now.
This might be my favorite product on PH. Awesome work guys! I'm sharing this everywhere
@getbrandflakes Thanks so much Brandon!
This is pretty easy to use! Any plans on letting orgs and movements customize call actions with their own pages or even their own scripts? With tracking of phone calls made?
@hgsigala Hey Hector! We have some ideas around scripts and making it more tactical and customizable for people get involved in more specific ways. We felt it was important to get this version out with basic functionality and we can expand it from there. I’d love to talk to you more about specific ideas. Shoot me an email! zack@zackshapiro.com Also, thank you for your hard work on the Bernie campaign!
this is a definite help since I'm sure that folks will want to express their opinions on potential issues coming up.