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December 3rd, 2020

Experience a pain-free tax season
Access Pilot discount

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Pilot.

If you’re reading this, your EOY financials are due. Luckily, services like Pilot can spare you the extra strength painkiller.

Pilot takes care of your financial back-office, from bookkeeping, to the R&D tax credit, to CFO services. They’ve helped hundreds of startups reach their funding goals, and their clients have collectively raised more than $3B. 🤑

"Pilot gives me software when a software approach is best, and a human when a human approach is best. I could tell that the 95% of stuff that could be automated would be, and I was reassured that there would always be a human being on the other end of an email whenever I needed that." - Chris Tolles CEO, Sundaily

As a startup or growing company, don’t fall into the trap of voluntelling a team member to organize your books before shipping them off to a random accountant. Whether you’re pre-seed, series D, or beyond, here’s how Pilot can help:

📈 Gives customers a clear picture of their finances every month while integrating with tools like QuickBooks, Brex, Gusto, and Stripe. Their expert finance team is assisted by powerful software that automatically eliminates common errors.

🤝 Offers advanced financial support with their CFO team. They’ll help you build financial models, prepare your 2021 budget and forecast, plan fundraising strategies, and more.

💨 Access fast and responsive support with a dedicated, US-based finance expert.

If you’re ready to sail into the holidays with worry-free finance help, reach out to Pilot and receive 20% off on Pilot Bookkeeping Core or Select for six months.


Find your yellowish double in Toonme as a Simpson's character. Who knows - you might end up in an alternative universe looking like this:

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