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November 8th, 2020

Hashflags are the new hashtags
Explore the Hashflag library

This weekend and for much of last week, most of us were glued to our Twitter feeds. 👀

Twitter has always played a large role in the Product Hunt community. It was the first way to authenticate logging into Product Hunt and still remains a large part of how we engage with our community. Hello Twitter fam.

We’ve seen tons of great products launch with Twitter in mind over the years. So much so that we have a topic dedicated to it.

Over the weekend, Hashflags launched as way to keep track of branded likes and temporary hashflags. For those unaware, a hashflag is a temporary static or animated image that comes after some hashtags—often associated with events or special dates. Although not new, they do appear to be increasing in popularity. To view some live examples, try #PlayStation5 #XboxSeriesX #AppleEvent or #iPhone12Studio.

For more Twitter oriented products, here's a selection of recent launches:

Yup monetizes users’ likes on top platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Chirr App can turn a blog into a Twitter thread in a single click.

Bleepr uses natural language processing (NLP) to automatically tag hate speech or toxic language in tweets.

OnlyTweets is an experiment from Stir which allows creators to monetize natively on Twitter.

Stock Charts is a Chrome extension that allows you to see stock charts over tagged tickers on Twitter.

Twitter-Free Mornings hides your Twitter feed until noon every day.

Framed Tweets by Sticker Mule will ship you any tweet in an ornate, hand-made, gold frame.


What does the future of Stark look like? Ask Cat Noone, founder of Stark as she launches design products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive. Feel free to ask your own questions in our AMA this week!

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