Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 28th, 2020

Running the whole remote show
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Organizing a team can be a challenge, especially remotely. Knowing what each department is working on, from sales to ops to project management, is not easy. has been working on some things to help.

Their platform gives your team organizational knowledge to be able to move quickly. You can outline projects, assign ownership and make sure communication is super clear across the team (without email – goodbye, inbox zero anxiety). is designed to provide a big picture view of what teams are working on, enabling them to work better together.

But isn’t new to the scene (anyone remember dapulse?). They’ve doubled in size a couple times since 2012 and dog-fooded along the way.

Since then they’ve been working with some big names including companies you probably haven’t heard of like Uber, Universal Studios, and Walmart 😉. When a whole organization’s workflow is on Monday’s platform, everything can be managed from one place. This makes growing your business, opening a new office or preparing for the unexpected much easier.

They’re offering the Product Hunt community a 30 day free trial with premium customer support to help get your team started risk free.
#1 on Product Hunt today (so far): A tool to observe and interact with your users, live.

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You might not realize it, but you most likely used Intercom before – it’s the best way to connect with your customers. The platform helps you engage and support your users through personalized, chat-like experiences, with over 25k companies using it every day.

And they have great things to say: “It’s almost like all websites I visit with that @intercom chat button I instantly associate them with great customer service. Just like @Intercom intended."

If you’re an early-stage, high-growth start-up, you can get access to its Early Stage Academy today at a 95% discount! If you don’t qualify, you can learn about how Intercom can support your company here.

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