Showcase your creative work with an Onplace portfolio.

Showcase your creative work with an Onplace portfolio. Professionally designed to present your work clearly. Clean lines and readability as standard. If you’re an artist, architect, creative, designer or photographer start by building a better portfolio.
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👋 Hey everyone I've been working on this project in my spare time and I'm really excited to share Onplace with you. Why Onplace? As a product designer myself I've always become bogged down in irrelevant details and options when designing my personal portfolio site. I’ll typically have a tonne of content ready to show the world, but get distracted by excessive options and indecision. I've had a need time and time again for a platform to easily allow me to showcase my work in a professional, content first approach with little visual cruft. Traditional web platforms cater to everyone, and ultimately no-one. Onplace is not for everyone. We will be offering layout options for designers, architects, photographers and writers. That's it. This focus allows us to deliver presentation options that fit seamlessly with your work, and don’t distract from it. We’re rolling out early access as the product develops, looking forward to any discussion/feedback. Thanks hunters!
@jonathanbelton Congrats on the launch! Onplace looks very promising :) Joined the waitlist, can't wait to try it out 👏
@alexanderspoor Thanks Alexander! 🙂
Well done Jonny, the design is gorgeous as usual. Looking forward to seeing it develop.
@davej Thanks so much Dave!
Wow, I haven't seen a portfolio website like this before. It looks really clean, as a designer I would definitely be open to checking out a version once it's ready! I've adding some minor feedback to the landing page via a screenshot (UX feedback) - it would be great to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to the release, and congratulations on launching on Product Hunt!
@christian_piponides Hey Christian, really helpful thanks for taking the time – totally agree with your suggestions, and they'll be in the next update!
Wonderful work Jonny! 🔥
@scottperket Thank you Scott! 🙌
Looks cool. Just a heads up though, your logo is identical to Station.
@jayden_carey Thanks Jayden, any similarities are accidental resulting from reduction of the full logotype. Will be addressing shortly.