Fonts in the Wild

Find the perfect free or paid font for your next project ✨

✨ Quickly find free and paid fonts for your next project
✨ Filter by free, google and adobe fonts easily
✨ Pinterest feed of daily type inspiration
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I created Fonts in the Wild to solve my own need as a designer to find quality free and paid fonts. Fonts in the Wild is a resource to quickly find great free fonts but also to use as type inspiration for your next project. Let me know what you think ✨
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Bookmarked immediately. Great idea and implementation.
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@nick_kuznetsov2 Thank you so much Nick!
Great tochoose fonts for websites and other projects!
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@smikeyev Thank you so much Serge!
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Nice tool. No question what problem your solving. And it's a BIG ONE! Seeing fonts in action is huge to offer perception
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Just what I was looking for! Great way to get inspired and find fonts.
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