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September 8th, 2019

NEW from Samsung: A closet
The AirDresser

Samsung wants you to get another closet. More specifically, the company wants you to get its AirDresser, a smart closet you can put in your closet that cleans and straightens your clothes. 👔

How it works: It’s pretty simple. After you wear your clothes, you hang your dirty shirts, pants and delicates in the closet. The AirDresser’s steaming system then sanitizes your clothes and uses various dryers to clean them inside and out. The closet has a filter that captures 99% of germs from your clothes, and will also iron any wrinkles in your pieces.

This could be particularly appealing to folks who have to wear business attire (like dress shirts), which regularly requires dry cleaning. But the coolest thing about the AirDresser may actually be the way it looks — it resembles the increasingly popular Mirror more than anything. Samsung says the device is designed to “embrace light” in order blend naturally into people’s homes.

If this inspired you to make your wardrobe “smarter,” but you’re not ready to pull the trigger on a self-cleaning closet, here are some recent launches to check out:

👖Superpersonal is a virtual fitting room

👟Puma Fi are self-lacing shoes

👕Cross & Freckle are AI-designed t-shirts

🙌The Drop sends you personalized, bespoke clothing

👠Sheertex makes unbreakable pantyhose

🤖Seismic uses “discreet robotics” in your clothes


Something wonderful happened over the weekend. Clippy, an old friend from Microsoft Office, came back. 👀

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