Tame 2.0

The Event Automation Platform

Tame is a user-friendly Event Automation Platform that allows our customers to build beautiful and responsive event websites, design and send e-mails, manage RSVP’s and paid registrations and collaborate with their team and external partners all in one place.
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Hi Product Hunt Community, I am Jasenko (CEO & Co-founder of Tame) and I want to personally thank Murat for giving us the opportunity to show you guys what our amazing team has been working hard on throughout the summer! We have assembled decades of event experience into one platform and today we're launching Tame 2.0 - The Event Automation Platform. Tame can be used all over the world and our unique differentiator is that we've gathered four key elements of event planning into one platform: - Build beautiful and responsive event websites - Manage RSVP’s and paid registrations - Design and Automate email sendouts - Collaborate with their team and external partners all in one place. Today we are excited to share our journey with you and show you what we’ve built! We’re incredibly passionate about product design and with this, we want to make the most beautiful SaaS software out there! Let us know your thoughts and feedback! Jasenko, Mickey, Nikolaj, Taqi, Hugo, Simon, Christian, Yahya, Mahboob, Milan, Bogdan, Marcus, Magdalena and Denise!
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Great platform, great people. Should make life much easier for event planners everywhere!
@jonas_friborg_madsen thanks a lot for your comment, Jonas! We hope we can make a true difference!
@jasenkohadzic Congrats on the launch! It has been a pleasure to use Tame so far when I had the chance. Looking forward to seeing where you go. I noticed you don't have any pricing on the website - is there a way to use this as a smaller company?
@utdiscant Thanks a lot, David and likewise! Sure thing: Our pricing is based per attendee and we give a discount whether you are up for a 12-24 month plan :) The longer the cheaper it is. But its very easy to get going and try it for one event. If anybody should have questions they can always reach out to me directly on jasenko@tame.events :)
Congrats on the launch @jasenkohadzic, @mickeyswitzer and team. Great product wrapped in beautiful design!
Thanks a lot Martin - we're excited to see more of your amazing events come to life! :)
@mickeyswitzer @martin_byfounders Thanks a lot for your kind words, Martin! :)
One happy user here!
@juusokoskinen Thanks so much, Jusso! We're working hard to give you the best experience possible!