Sheertex (YC W18): The World's Toughest Sheers are back in a new slimming control top style and are now available in 4 colors including 3 shades of nude. These are the only pantyhose ever made using the world's strongest polymer, and this is the first time this non-dyeable polymer has ever been made in colors.

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I'm Katherine, the Founder of Sheertex (formerly Sheerly Genius)! We were part of the W18 YC batch. To date we've shipped thousands of pairs of unbreakable pantyhose around the world. This is our second generation product, and the first time the world's strongest polymer has ever been dyed! I would love to answer any questions you might have on how we developed the world's toughest sheer pantyhose. The initial process took about 12 months, and has been quite an adventure. Today we are 14 people manufacturing every product in Canada. We use our own proprietary fiber (from the same type of fiber used in bulletproof vests) and retrofit machines so that they could handle the strongest fibers in the world - without breaking down. We're on a mission to get replace the over billion pairs of disposable pantyhose that sell each year.
Drag Queens. Not a question, but a statement. Some of those goes through pantyhose more than you might think.
@colin_arenburg You are so right! As an office that often plays Drag Race to keep us entertained while packing pantyhose at midnight, we are super excited to get these sheers into the hands of drag queens around the world :)

Feels so nice on!




Ship time

Best pantyhose I’ve ever had!

They are true to size.


These sheers have lasted months of wear with the office pups! Not a single run.


None come to mind.

Are these pantyhose really Unbreakable for real??