Powered Clothing integrating apparel and robotics

Lightweight, breathable and comfortable; our apparel enables wearers to overcome limitations and achieve their full physical potential. We start by keeping it simple, like getting dressed in the morning, but with a powerful processor and an integrated sensor matrix, our Powered Clothing™ is programmable, tailored to your body and your lifestyle

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Can you provide more detail about how it works? What's the science behind it? Neither the video nor the description seems to provide much detail.
amazing, I'm working on a fashion brand and I love seeing this.
In Seismic's words: "At the core of our culture is a human-centered, biomechanics informed design approach. Our design and development team, a unique hybrid of engineering and apparel design like no other ever assembled, includes: fashion designers, biomechanists, data scientists, software engineers, physical therapists, and user experience designers, to name only a few. Seismic’s apparel was originally developed at SRI International for a DARPA-funded program to reduce injury risk and enhance soldier endurance, led by founder and CEO Rich Mahoney. Recognizing its profound application beyond the military, Seismic spun out of SRI to explore Powered Clothing for a wide range of applications."