What does your top 3 productivity apps look like?

Francesco D'Alessio
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Radoslav Stankov
My top 3 productivity apps are: Alfred Bear Todoist
Marie Ng
Hey Francesco! Marie here 👋 For me it's: 1. Notion 2. Llama Life (I'm biased of course) 3. Due app I use Notion to hold ALL my to-dos, projects, articles I want to read etc. I transfer to-dos to Llama Life for focus during the day. And I use the Due app for reminders.
Anett Schulte
I use TickTick for task and reminders. Before that I used todoist
Martin Schär
Todoist, Trello, Notion
Christoph Wilke
Mural (considering switch to Miro), mindjet’s mindmanager, Asana for product team
Richard Francis
1. Roam Research 2. Trello 3. Notion
Scott Peterson
Todoist Fantastical Drafts
Priyanka Mehta
1. Evernote 2. Jira 3. Notion
Nora Conrad
Notion ToDoist (I have it embeded on my Notion Dashboard) Google Calendar - it connects my ToDoist to my smart home devices for grocery lists, tasks and shared projects with the family. I also have dinner plans, shared events and all my projects on my calendar. Again, I embed this on my Notion Dashboard.
Tinh Nguyen
1. Things 2. Notion 3. Fantastical Calendar App
Notion Google Calender Google Tasks
Soham Patil
Notion Google Calendar
Lisa Ross
Yikes. Only 3? Gotta be Notion, Roam and Fantastical. WIth Drafts in a VERY close fourth.
Stacey Roshan
Boomerang for Gmail NotePlan 3 Fantastical
Qinaps for mapping and note-taking / documents. productstash.io for #buildinpublic Discord Store for team communication
Nick Glavin
Top 3 Poda (Biased ;D) Linear Slack
Audrey Rampon
Hi @francescod_ales ! My top 3 productivity apps are: - KosmoTime - Asana - Slack