A free, open source, and cross platform password manager.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2016
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It would be great if you create a comparison page for bitwarden, lastpass, 1password etc.
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If this can reach feature parity with 1Password and others, it'll be a game changer.
Hi all. I am the maker behind bitwarden. We're excited about the release this week and would love to answer any questions you have about the product. bitwarden is available on iOS, Android, and on your desktop via Chrome, Firefox, or Opera (and the web). Visit our website at for all product download links and to learn more. We're also very proud of the fact that bitwarden is an open source project. Be sure to also check out the source code of bitwarden by visiting our GitHub page at . Thanks!
@kylespearrin -- could you add Dashlane import?? If yes, I'll be happy to try bitwarden...Keep up your great work...cheers..
@ramkumarhq unfortunately I do not see a way to support a Dashlane import. The format of their export seems to be intentionally unusable.
Care to share your (future) business model?
@robinsikkens We are currently sponsored by the Microsoft BizSpark program which provides many of the immediate resources that we need to operate. There may be plans to introduce premium features in the future in order to help the product and business grow. There are no immediate plans for this at the moment though.
This looks great, I'm really impressed how feature rich this already comes along and the clients I've tried (web, Chrome, Android) are all looking so mature already, that is fascinating. I just wonder about two things: 1) As the vault backend is also open source it shouldn't be hard to allow tech savvy users, e.g. in an enterprise environment, to self-host the vault. It looks like it "just" lacks the documentation on how to setup that backend and then make it configurable for the clients. Something you'd like to look into? 2) Has anyone done a security audit? I'm asking because implementation is hard. From everything I can read on your website and on GitHub, it sounds great and you're talking the right things. However, even big teams got it wrong eventually and it would therefore be great if your app got audited by some security experts. Love your work and will watch it closely. Well done Kyle.
@jurgenhaas Thanks for the feedback! 1) The entire product lacks documentation right now and is something I hope to improve over time. Being that everything is open source, this is definitely something that is possible for users to do. 2) Other than the many eyes on GitHub having a look, there has not been a formal security audit done. I agree that this is necessary and is also something that we hope to have completed in time as well.