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Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
Hi everyone! We're Shiny Frog from Italy and we love to make beautiful, useful apps. We created Bear because we wanted a beautiful way to write, easily organize our notes, and publish or share in various ways. This has been a labor of love for nearly two years, and we're releasing the beta today because we'd love to hear what you think!

To try Bear, please visit our beta site linked above and enter your email address so we can register you on TestFlight.

The Shiny Frog team is myself, Matteo Rattotti, Konstantin Erokhin, and Danilo Bonardi. Comment here with any questions or feedback and we'll do our best to respond!
cdf1982Β β€” Indie developer
@matteorattotti Congrats Matteo and all the team for shipping Bear! I've been using the beta and I love your unique approach and design, and sync between devices is lightning fast and absolutely reliable. I wanted to leave Evernote for a while, and Bear is the multi-platform solution I was waiting for!
babygau ヽ(γƒ…)γƒŽΒ β€” Indie Developer
@matteorattotti Are you planning to work on Evernote Sync?
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@babygau no, but we have an Evernote importer :)
Halyna ZhyrkoΒ β€” Growth hacker/Marketer
@matteorattotti Any chance it will be available soon for Android users? :)
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@galeriks at the moment we have no plan for Android, but if the app will go really well we might consider.
Matt AungerΒ β€” Lead Marketing Engineer, Deveo
@matteorattotti Congrats. Super excited to give this a try! Any plans for integrations with blogging platforms? As it's all markdown, I can see a lot of potential for say, a Ghost integration.
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@matt_aunger we thought about it, and it could be a future evolution of Bear, but as now we'd like to keep things simple and focus on the core of the app :)
Matt AungerΒ β€” Lead Marketing Engineer, Deveo
@matteorattotti Makes sense! Don't want too much feature creep in the early stages :)
babygau ヽ(γƒ…)γƒŽΒ β€” Indie Developer
@matteorattotti how about an Evernote exporter if I change my mind?
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@babygau Bear keep everything in plain text so you opt-out without problem, as for Evernote Bear can export all your note in html and Evernote will happily import them :)
Clint LaskowskiΒ β€” Co-Founder, AuditPad
@matteorattotti Congrats on Bear! Looks very nice. Would love to see a web and Windows version for those who want to use it at work with no Macs.
Antonio RotoloΒ β€” CEO @ Ludwig
@matteorattotti Congrats guys, very cool and definitely worth a try. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, perfect timing because I was looking for an alternative to Evernote!
@matteorattotti @babygau At a first glance it looks really beautiful, although I'm addicted to my Evernote ;-) There are alternatives to Evernote like Alternote, which give a more beautiful experience but still keep Evernote as the core for all its data. Would be really interesting to have that feature set in this as well, just so I can store everything in the same place I've been storing it for years and years. I can understand that you're keeping the focus right now, but is this something you won't consider somewhere in the future as well?

On a different "note" ;-) Any info about pricing model?
@jcvangent @matteorattotti @babygau me too. when you have 5,000+ notes migrating would be a pain. I use Evernote as a storage option for my Icon/UI kits too. Preview Images of contents and then an embedded zip file within the note. Does Bear support zip files? Also pricing would be helpful.
@matteorattotti @galeriks +1 for Android! i just signed up for the beta. I use Evernote a lot and they just haven't evolved. Looks like you guys are doing some cool stuff.
babygau ヽ(γƒ…)γƒŽΒ β€” Indie Developer
@matteorattotti One more question. I'm wondering if you support Vim/Emacs keybinding while editing?
@matteorattotti Any idea when the beta will be available?
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@nostradamion we'll start sending the first batch in a few hours :)
Tigran HakobyanΒ β€” Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
@matteorattotti Congrats on being featured on PH! It's interesting to know which mobile analytics tool do you use or planning to use to track your app usage? I'd suggest trying to see how people actually use your app. Have a look, I bet you'll like it ;)
Jonathan SimcoeΒ β€” Senior Product Designer @ Opal
@matteorattotti How can we ensure that Bear won't decay like some of your others app (e.g. Pixa)? I'm super jazzed about Bear but I want to make sure you guys plan on supporting it for the long haul.
@matt_aunger I second that motion!πŸ˜€
Jeff EscalanteΒ β€” developer, carrot
@matteorattotti If you guys make an android version, you've got a pro customer right here
J. Alexander CurtisΒ β€” Co-Founder, OhMyTix
I have to admit I sort of rolled my eyes when I saw "another notetaking app" on product hunt. But after giving it a look I have to admit now that i am really excited to try it out. It might just be the app I have been looking for. Currently I am using Evernote, but it is by no means an ideal solution. I like that its cross platform and integrates with everything. However the rest of it, to me at least, is a terrible experience. Evernote feels clunky at times for such a basic thing, and organization tools are available (tags, folders, etc) but the UI doesn't implement them very well. They have a good search which is what I have found that I need to rely on most often when searching for a note.

I would love to turn this upside down and find something that works. I really like the idea of markdown and I love the design and simplicity with how it appears to be implimented.

Last thought: The variation of Markdown you are using is slightly concerning. Just because it strays from the norm. For example in traditional markdown you would add an asterix around *italics* and double asterix around **bold**. However in your implementation a single Asterix will cause bold and not italics, which is confusing for someone used to traditional markdown. Also in traditional markdown a single underscore would also make text italics while in your version it will make it underlined. I am not sure if this is a problem or not. I would have to try the app. While I will be honest that if we were redo-ing the markdown spec today I would give you two thumbs up for your version (it is more intuitive) but my concern is that I will have to remember that I am using the Bear Markdown which is different than traditional markdown. I fear it will cause me to make errors in Bear or errors in other markdown apps that i use because I have to consciously remember which version I am using and remember two syntaxes. While the traditional markdown is seemingly inferior to your version of markdown, I would still lean towards using it because it is consistent across other markdown apps. Maybe you can have an option in settings that would allow you to switch between the two version.

I am excited to try the beta and maybe after trying it for a while I will realize that this markdown issue isn't a problem. I just bring it up as an initial concern. Best of luck with the release and the beta!
Andrew WooldridgeΒ β€” WebDev
@_jacurtis I agree - hopefully you offer configuration options to allow folks to use standard markdown as well.
Belle Beth CooperΒ β€” Co-founder,
@_jacurtis I've definitely noticed this when using the beta. I use Markdown constantly, for everything, so I'm a lot slower at doing any markup in Bear because I have to remember the different syntax.
Matteo RattottiΒ β€” Shiny Frog
@_jacurtis we are aware of the concerns about the Markdown variations, we discussed a lot about this, and we still have doubts. But this is the first public beta, things can be changed :)

We really want a lot of feedback about our variations, and if they are a problem we'll change them (we'll try to not be stubborn about this).

I really like the @_jacurtis comment, because it highlight the problem, but it keep the door open to the new possibilities, I'm pretty sure that with this mindset we can make something beautiful <3

Thanks again for all the support!
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