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#1 Product of the MonthApril 2014
Anton Korteweg jr.
Stijn Eversdijk
Mohd Maqbool Alam
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  • Mohd Maqbool Alam
    Mohd Maqbool AlamSoftware Developer

    Great Product


    Linux support would be great

    Please add Linux support as well

    Mohd Maqbool Alam has never used this product.
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Jason Crawford
Jason CrawfordPro@jasoncrawford · Chopping wood, carrying water
I've been using Quicksilver for a while; how does this compare?
Paul Arterburn
Paul Arterburn@parterburn · Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
Highly recommend paying the $28 for the powerpack, too (and for general support of something you use everyday). The workflows make Alfred even better.
Peter Frank
Peter Frank@peterkimfrank · Working on
@parterburn Agreed; being able to use "find" and "open" to replace finder/Spotlight is a huge timesaver.
Jeremie Berrebi
Jeremie Berrebi@jberrebi · Investor/Entrepreneur, 300+ investments
Using it many times per hour since 4/5 years! It replaces the Dock...Spotlight... Using it to check the weather, exchange rates... @jasoncrawdford Alfred is a lot more powerful than Quicksilver. You can write scripts for it to pilot other apps.
Valentin@valdecarpentrie · Investor & board member @ Ikigai
When about an availability on Windows ?
Phil Sharp
Phil SharpHiring@iamphilsharp · VP of Marketing, Front Row Education
Alfred is one of the few tools that makes my life easier every day.