What advice would you give to your youngest self?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Makers, we all make mistakes when we work on projects. If there were a time you can go back, what would you change and what advice you give yourself?


Konstantin Ivanov
To stop drinking. So many lost opportunities as a result of bad mood, hangovers, days in Vegas, and so on.
Justin Gardner
@phantomus_team I quit drinking, smoking cigarettes and vaping for 3-1/2 years and it was the best change for my life I ever made. Mental clarity, healthy skin and weight control, more natural energy and excitement with less depression or anxiety. I finally excelled at getting back into my education I went back to college and decided I was mature enough to handle drinking again for the “ole college experience”. Within two months it turned into binge drinking, no money, missing classes and blackout “memories” with people that weren’t my friends so I immediately quit again. TLDR; Take care of yourself and if you think you have an issue or want to make a healthy change in your life quit those bad habits for 6 months and watch how quickly your life can positively change. It’s incredible and you’ll never get that time back that you lost to mindlessly binging.
Konstantin Ivanov
@justin_gardner Thanks Justin, and I did. Every thing you metioned, happened - the quality if life, work, and everything in between increased right away, can’t share how much because its a lot over the past year.
Justin Gardner
@phantomus_team congratulations, it’s amazing what you can begin to accomplish when you aren’t using your free time just drinking.
Komal Narwani
@phantomus_team I think moreover - alcohol has a huge impact on your hormones and your general state of balance. Clarity is key when you're trying to kill it in your career!
Justin Bassett-Green
@phantomus_team @justin_gardner I came here to make a shitpost about "youngest self", but this was a genuinely touching thread to come across. Sometimes the internet doesn't suck
keep calm, this too shall pass!
Xavier Coiffard
- Make pre-orders, no matter what - Build with nocode - Ship faster
Evan Sellers
@angezanetti How do you go about pre-orders? How do you get the traction to do pre-orders?
Xavier Coiffard
@evan_sellers Describe your value proposition clearly (why you built it, who's this for, what's the benifts…) put this on a Gumroad page. Guess a pricing and make a 50% discount Then share this page where your potentials customers are (look for communities)
Evan Sellers
@angezanetti What kind of website do you look for communities on?
Stefan Smiljkovic
Learn basic of programming, so you can do basic things without anyone external. That was important 15 years ago, now there are a lot of no-code tool. Learn to get rest and sleep enough. Balance is a key ☯️
Justin Bassett-Green
@stefan_smiljkovic even just being solid with basic Excel functions like IFS, HLOOKUP, INDIRECT, etc is a huge advantage
Nurlan Nurmanov
Buy AWS, invest in Bitcoin:)
Playing less video games, but come on WoW and Counter Strike were so good..!
Matthew Browne
@aureliovolle I rate some of my success in business to running guilds on WoW, just like running a company when done well!
Stewart Barrett
@aureliovolle @matthew_browne1 I should have spent more of my adult years gaming... that's where I went wrong.
Joshua Dance
Be consistent. 10 minutes a day is better than 1 hour every week.
Akash Bhadange
Start investing your time and money!
Mangesh Ahirrao
Read, Open Mindset, accept constructive criticism, stop copying and start researching.
NEVER PROCRASTINATE. AS SOON AS YOU GET AN IDEA, START WORKING. Since last year I am procrastinating and so far I haven't launched a single side-project.
Devanand Premkumar
@falak_sher I am guilty of this 100%. Procrastination kills your chance of success in this highly competitive environment.
Evan Sellers
@falak_sher I am guilty of this still. But I like to set a short time frame a week or two and launch a prototype by then.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@falak_sher I feel you! I ignored all my side projects in 2022. One of my goals for 2023 is to stop procrastinating and get going on all those projects! 🤞
Rene-Andre Yebakima
Understand the profound drivers of your motivation. Prioritize drastically. Get free from mainstream thinking. Establish a daily routine for execution.
Eugene Hauptmann
To choose my environment and friends with a better focus on what I want to do next. To try things fast and get feedback early.
Don't worry so much. The world doesn't consider you an adult until at least 27 years old...
PB Josiah
To take more risks.
Devanand Premkumar
@bomajosiah Success goes to the ones who attempt. Nothing is risk free. Go forward and success shall be yours :)
Nathan Lillegard
Keep your emotions separate from your business decisions.
Get life. Life allows you to work on project with eyes wide open.
Preeti Chovoor
Focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. You know whats good for yourself.
Dawn Veltri
Done is better than perfect.
- Read Bible and Trust God