What tool do you use for your daily standups?

Luu Dao
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Hey Makers! I just want to know what kind of tool you use for daily meeting / standup. Maybe it's a real meeting, but how do you keep track of all its content? Like a meeting minutes for it? Thanks!


@luudao Great questions! We use Zoom for our team calls and keep all our notes in Quip. It works well for our team.
Luu Dao
@abadesi it seems your team is a remote team, since you're using Zoom for team calls, right? About Quip, it's a remarkable tool with a folder / document approach for task / team management which is good for keeping track, and I've used it for a while, too. But does it help your team reveal any issues / flaws in your workflow when you think your team has problem?
@luudao We use retros and meetings to flag blockers/ challenges. Is that what you mean?
Luu Dao
@abadesi so you're also using Quip for task management?
@luudao oh no it varies from person to person and team. Some folks use Trello.. I like to use Goals and Reminders app on my mac/iPhone
Anjana Desai
@luudao we use Jira for our sprints and Zoom for calls
Luu Dao
@juntrax we're using Jira here for our product team also & so far I don't have any issues with it, But yeah, we also need another tool for Daily Standup like you guys with Zoom, then doing some manual work to sync between.
@luudao we have real meetings 2-3 times a week for about 15 minutes.
Constantine Sharandak
@luudao we use Proficonf for daily calls, Jira, and Airtable.
Jamie Wright
@luudao We use Tatsu ... of course :) It emails the minutes to all the participants.
Colum Donahue
@luudao We use Zoom for stand ups, trello boards to track development and tasks, basecamp for notes and slack with different channels for updates and quick communications.
Michael Barton
@luudao Daily standup and all meetings are through Skype, status is kept in TFS (Microsoft)
Kevin Guebert
@luudao I may make a difference discussion around this - but does anyone do daily standups by themselves? If so, what tools? Sometimes I take a quick 1 minute video of myself and just archive it.
Timoté Geimer
@luudao I would really recommend you to have look at www.getachieved.com. It's a team tracking tool ideal to follow daily updates and team progress. We're about to launch the first public version of the tool next week!
Luu Dao
@tim_achieved your app looks good :) you only have 1 page for now?
Timoté Geimer
Hi @luudao! We'd rather keep things simple and straightforward. That's why we stayed on a 1-pager format. If you feel you're missing information, please let me know and I'll add them :-)
Paolo Perazzo
@luudao We use one of the micro-apps from Kyber for Slack. As needed we jump on Zoom calls based on the report generated daily by Kyber. Being the report sent on Slack it’s easy to search it. Other useful micro-apps in Kyber let you check the status of a project during the week with quick polls/surveys which is often helpful.
Pavel Pavlovsky
@luudao we use Slack for calls and Notemate tool https://www.notemate.co/ to keep daily standup notes. What Notemate does - it creates meeting docs before scheduled events and posts link to the slack channel. That way notes are structured and kept in specific project - related folders.
flo merian
Launching soon!
@luudao I really like Jam by Wisembly to automate meeting preparation, produce outcomes (notes, tasks, and decisions) and respect the time schedule.
Luu Dao
@bretthellman interesting! I'm wondering how you organize all your days? 1 column / day?
@luudao biased here, but we use Coda for keeping track of all our meeting notes, minutes, and action items. I work remotely so being able to collaborate in real-time is a key feature for whatever platform/app you use.
@luudao We use Google Hangouts and Real Time Board (Miro) for daily comms with remote team(s)
Sarah Loertscher
we have a remote meeting every week via Meet, and then a Slack channel for asynchronous check-ins 2x week
Meral Arik
@luudao We used to do a daily standup Zoom call with the full team but found that the meeting wasn't the best use of everyone's time- so we switched to creating a "Daily Standup" Slack channel. At the beginning of each day team members ping the channel if they have a "dependency" on someone else on the team (format: "@" the team member you have a dependency on and state the dependency, and be sure to include a time component-- e.g. @TeamMemberName Please review this ticket by this AM). We still use Zoom to do a "standup" meeting at the beginning & end of each sprint (& for additional meetings, as needed).