Keep your team up to date without another meeting

Jell is centralized platform for daily standups, team check-ins, and OKRs.

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm really excited to show you Jell. We launched the original version of the product about a year ago under the name "Flock", but relaunching today on Product Hunt with a new name and a ton of new functionality. WHAT Jell is an easy way for you to share your plans and progress with your team. It can be a replacement for a daily standup or scrum meeting, or a more comprehensive reporting tool and way to help your company track long-term goals. In addition to the web app, we have apps for iOS and Android, or you can post to Jell completely from Slack. WHY I've long worked on teams where it seemed like we just kept getting out of sync, and the solution clearly wasn't adding more meetings to the calendar or sending more emails (or Slack messages). The first iteration of Jell was a quick way to bring focus to our daily standups, and quickly turned out to be a great way to develop a habit of structured communication to make teams more effective. You can read more of my thoughts about this here: WHO Jell started as an internal tool at Formstack as a way to help us communicate effectively as a fast-growing remote company. Since then we've spun Jell out into a separate company, and are a team of 3 engineers and designers working on it full-time. I'm eager to hear your thoughts and questions, and hope a few of you find Jell useful to your team. Thanks!
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@adeolonoh I wanted to post Jell in Product Hunt on friday . I should have posted today :) We use an internal tool for this. Jell looks really useful. Will try it out.
I love this. We've been doing something similar using a slack channel but I feel like we're outgrowing it. I'll have to give this a try!
@nbrempel Thanks Nick! Please share any feedback once you've had a chance to try it out.
Our team at Ebates has been using Jell for some time now and it's been solid at keeping our team with a few remote workers in sync. When we couldn't make Skype/synchronous standups work due to time differences we tried daily emails, on top of plenty of JIRA updates but that still wouldn't cut it. Right now Jell reminders and digests keep the team on the same page and if someone misses an update a little bit of shaming in our hipchat channel goes a long way :) Important part is starting to leave a bit of feedback and comments on other peoples items, that gets folks a bit more invested in posting updates. Nice work @ade New domain is sweet!
@convergeonserge Thanks Serge! Glad your team's enjoying the product.
Been using it at MadKudu for a month. Love that it forces you to take 5 minutes to plan your day and work on what's important. The Slack integration is killer. We still need to figure out how best to integrate it with the rest of the workflow (Asana, Github) though.
@paulcothenet @paulcothenet Thanks Paul! Glad you're loving it. Asana/GitHub/etc. integration coming soon ;)
We do very religious standups everyday and we are a team of 100 people. One problem this product solves is -- the sticky-note mess. We loose things, replace things here and there. Not sure you mention that pain in your content. Nevertheless, your product addresses the very exact problem. I am going to use the free plan and see how it is better than using JIRA's Agile Board (as some folks are already advocating it)
@vadivelk Thanks for checking it out! You're right- we don't mention that in our content, but that's definitely a big pain point. Having the standup content documented in one place is good to be able to browse/search history. Also hopefully helps keep team members focused and accountable.