Professional real-time video conferencing platform

Proficonf is a video conferencing platform that doesn't require any downloads or installations to host or join video meetings, it has built-in file viewer and media player, that allows you to demonstrate, share, and play files of various formats.

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Hi folks! There are already several video conferencing solutions in the world. But whatever you choose, you have to sacrifice something. You can choose a larger number of participants in exchange for the quality of video and sound. You can be happy with a solution that is convenient for you, but not for your attendees. Especially if they need to download and install some desktop application. There are also a couple of simple web services, but there is no way to share content or record an important conversation with a client. Today we present a product that doesn’t force you to compromise anything. Proficonf offers excellent call quality within a 250 speakers conference. We mainly target industry professionals, people who frequently host conferences with their clients and colleagues. That’s why we have conference recording option at hand as well as media file and presentation sharing capacity. The service is based on WebRTC technology - Web REAL-TIME 🚀 communications and works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers. The next version of Safari will support WebRTC and we, in turn, will support it. Mobile version is available for Android users. iOS application has to be released in a few days - subscribe to get notified. Especially for hunters and to mark the occasion of PH launch, we offer Proficonf Pro membership for $1/month for the first 2 months, then $25/month. Try it and experience the next generation videoconferencing in action. Any advice on improvements is very welcome! 👍
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@kuznetsov_alex Nice product!! Could you please confirm how many video/location can be viewed at a time and is there any option like active speaker

As a product designer myself, I loved the UI-UX of Proficonf. Scheduling an event and File upload features were the bonus. All the best for the PH campaign.


Straightforwardness is the most appealing factor for Proficonf.


Haven't found any yet. Will definitely share with devs if find anything concerned.

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Happy to see you guys here finally! Congrats to @constantine_sharandak and the whole team! I've been following these rockstars for the past year, and the amount of effort they put into Proficonf is already a reason to bet on them - that aside the vision is one that's unique; creating a digital co-workplace instead of just another video conferencing tool. Good luck with the launch!
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@martijn_verbove thanks a lot Martijn, you are the best:)

This is a must have for coaches, consultants, and educators. It will also help all remote workers and digital nomads out there. I highly recommend it. Hope they will have a beta test drive for upcoming updates with a limited set of users to shape the future of the app, I would certainly join this :)


Simple to use with a familiar interface. Team thoroughly test updates before releasing them.


Nothing to mention here

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Glad to see Proficonf on Product Hunt. Sure many #DigitalNomads will be glad to find a one-click place to gather :) Waiting for the mobile app, something other solutions I have tried failed to get well and hope you guys will surprise us!
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@rmtux thank you very much for your support Rami:)
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